About Shandra

I am a visual artist and art historian currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The core of my practice is centered upon time, process, and materiality. The medium in which I create my work is based upon the concept that I am exploring and would like to convey. I am intuitively drawn to textiles, works on paper, book arts, and text-based media. Recently, I also began to use new media—sound and internet-based participation—within my work as an extension of my physical creations.

My art historical interests are based upon the book as an object (codicology) and the use of talismans (ornamental or object) within Islamic and Western Medieval book cultures.

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    College Book Arts Association
    'Time, Sequence & Technology: Book Art in the 21st Century'
    5-7 January 2012 San Francisco
    Shandra Lamaute- "Contextualizing New Media and the Book"